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Mainstream Medicine and the Oprah Factor

Let’s think. You are correct that for groups of individuals DBRPCT’s are great at ferreting out the differing effects of singular interventions upon that group.

But that was not my point. My point is that in the practice of medicine we treat unique individuals who each have a different epi-genetic pattern and a unique environment. THIS is the patient that is before us. It is the sub-segmentation of that data that really gives us the most information, but the pharm companies are reluctant to tell us exactly WHO in the group got the MOST benefit, and who within the group of average improvement was actually HARMED.

Remember, that one cannot PROVE a negative. One can prove the null hypothesis true, but that does not take into account all confounding variables that may not be accounted for within the current model (which may or may not be randomness). This reality does not need to make us therapeutic nihilists, but instead it reinforces the fact that medical science is in but infancy, and that wisdom still plays a greater role than does information in a vacuum.
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