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“The miraculous intelligence
that created the body also works
to heal the body.

A healer’s job is to empower this
intelligence – not fight against it.”

– David Haase, M.D.

David Haase, MD is a Vanderbilt and Mayo trained physician who believes that the first step to solving this decade’s foremost medical challenges is asking the right questions.

His passion to understand the human body, not as an isolated set of organs and processes, but as an awesomely complex, dynamic system helps him uncover root causes of chronic illness in each unique patient.

His bestselling book, Curiosity Heals the Human, outlines how better questions lead to better answers, specifically in regard to our own health journeys.

Dr. Haase is the host of Superhumanizing, a brand new podcast that explores how you can become the most potent version of yourself via cutting-edge research, medical advances, and good old fashioned self examination.

For information about his medical practice, based out of Nashville, TN visit

To browse the many nutritional supplements Dr. Haase has formulated for his patents over the years, visit the online apothecary at

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