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How to solve "unsolvable" medical challenges using better questions and advanced technologies

Thoughtful and provocative truly insightful work on Optimal Health

Robert Sheeler, MD, Medical Editor Mayo Clinic Health Letter, Verified Reader


Very thoughtfully written. It gives a whole new perspective to illness. Dr. Haase has obvious intellectual curiosity about the whole process of health and disease as well as in-depth medical knowledge. The stories he tells show great compassion for his patients and humanity. I would highly recommend this book for those who want to learn more about Functional Medicine and Optimal Health.

Fantastic book

Kim Clarke, Verified Reader


Fantastic book. Upon completion of reading this book, I was filled with hope about the possibilities for the health and well-being of me, my loved ones and anyone that chooses to engage the ideas presented with curiosity. Dr. Haase provides a fresh, bold and exciting vision of health and well-being. The book is filled with evidence-based approaches to achieving optimal health. I loved reading about the innovation, the discoveries, and successes in the healthcare arena. There is a different way to achieving and sustaining a rich, fulfilling and healthy life and Dr. Haase explains in great detail how, Not only am I utterly amazed with all the innovative healthcare approaches described in the book, the Curiosity approach has sparked a dynamic vision for my health. How good can I really feel? The possibilities are limitless. Definitely, worth the read …. it will challenge how you think about and approach your health goals.

Expand your health paradigm

M. Reasor, Verified Reader

Fascinating book explores ways to heal the body with a variety of holistic methods.

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