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What type of Superhumanizer are you?

Health and longevity is one aspect of Superhumanizing, but the entire process is something much bigger. Superhumanizing happens between you and the world, when each improves at the benefit of the other.

Superhumanizers make themselves and their surroundings better, faster, easier, more efficient, more beautiful, simpler, and more complete.

Which kind of Superhumanizer are you?

(This test is just for fun, so don’t overthink it.)

Which annoys you more?
If given the choice, which would you choose?
If you were a world leader, which would you prefer to go down in history for?
Which would the people you work with be more likely to describe you as?
If/When running a company, which kind of growth do you prefer to focus on?
Which are you more wary of?
Which of these best describes your ideal workspace?

First Name
Last Name
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