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An Ondamed test-Toe-monial

“I told you that stuff wasn’t good for you.”  Even though I wanted to cry, I had to laugh.  Dr. Haase was talking about peanut butter, the kind choosy Moms choose.  A large jar of Extra Crunchy had fallen off my pantry shelf and onto my foot that morning, and once he’d determined that my two middle toes weren’t broken, the fun began.

Grace Vinson and Jennifer Hanley, our two nurse practitioners, joked that they’d hoped that it was my big toe so that they might have the opportunity to drill a hole in it to relieve the pressure, and though it wasn’t they both remarked “Your going to lose that nail,” right before the beginning of summer sandal season.  I watched it slowly turn deep purple throughout the day, and seriously, does anything hurt worse than smashing your toe?  Finally, Winnie Jones, our Clinical Director, reminded me of Ondamed, a pulsed electromagnetic biofeedback treatment that we offer here at the MaxWell Clinic.  I’d used it with great success to treat a large bruise on my arm last year, so off I went.  When I started, my entire nail was purple and my two middle toes were still throbbing.  After the treatment (20 minutes total), the pain was much better.  Next morning, I noticed that only half of the nail was now purple, and the pain was greatly reduced!  Over the next 3 days I gave myself 1 treatment a day.  Now 5 days later, my nail is still intact, and only about a small part of my nail is purple…oh, and I’m wearing a fabulous pair of heels with no pain whatsoever!

There are several pre-set programs (I used one for pain and one for tissue regeneration) for any number of things that we train patients to self-administer here at the clinic.  Ondamed works by “clearing” electromagnetic frequency imbalances in the body…in effect helping the body to heal itself.  You can find out more by visiting our website, or the Ondamed website,

Try it for yourself and see!  Oh, and Doc is right about the peanut butter…I’m switching to one without hydrogenated oils.
Diane R. Welker
Practice Administrator – MaxWell Clinic

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