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Two Odes to Colonoscopy

Colon Cancer is a serious illness which is effectively found, and often treated by screening colonoscopy….  and yes, sticking your bum out and looking inside makes for the type of uncomfortable conversation that easily makes it the Butt of many jokes.  Ha.  Couldn’t help that.  🙂

Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary has teamed up with CBS to deliver a serious health message to CBS viewers and audiences beyond: be screened for colon cancer.   Thanks to for passing on this tidbit!

And because there always need to be a bit of balance…  after that sweet, happy ballad… here is Bill Connolly’s hilarious description of his Colonoscopy prep in the UK.   It is pretty crude, but hey, what do you expect given the subject matter… there… you are warned… proceed at your own risk.     After you have laughed a good laugh, suck it up and call your doctor to arrange a colonoscopy – it could truly save your life.

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